About Us

At Dhaaga, we have women across all socio economic backgrounds; urban homemakers, underprivileged women and a few tribal women working from the comfort of their home. Some had never earned their own money before joining Dhaaga. We experienced the joy was in uplifting and empowering humans and will continue to help them carve their own paths. The first person who was highly empowered, who is also the founder of Dhaaga is Usha Borda. Homemaker turned in to an entrepreneur with the birth of Dhaaga. Dhaaga borrows its ethos with the way she has lived her life and her passion to create meaningful interactions in everyday life. She influenced women around her, the neighbours, friends, relatives, house help, men who appreciated our work – guided their wives to join Dhaaga. Anyone who would like to be independent was welcome to Dhaaga. The power lies in empowering others – Our mission is to empower 50,000 or more.